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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the fight against the terrorist group isis. the overnight developmenext. >> plus, a brutal attack at a bay area gym. a man beaten to death with a piece of gym equipment. details in a live report. >> and happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a bay area stunner for today. then we're going to bring on the heat as we dive into your weekend. >> and look at the san mateo bridge over my shoulder. we do have an issue farther east. but it might be a benefit for livermore. we'll talk about this. >> it's friday, september 19th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, overnight france conducted its first air
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strike in iraq, destroying a logistics depot used by isis. after fighter jets dropped the bomb's, france's president said the target was destroyed. he said other attacks would be coming but he wouldn't say when. coming up at about 5:40, we'll have more details from a live report from washington, d.c. >> a morning workout ends in homicide. police have arrested a san francisco man who they say used the gym's workout equipment to beat a man to death. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. i understand this happened in the middle of a busy gym. >> reporter: yes, this happened wednesday night al bali's total fitness in san francisco. the doors just opened about ament ago. this is where one man is accused
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of killing another, wednesday night at around 9:30. yesterday they arrested 46-year-old kenneth osoko. a resident here in south city. he's accused of getting into a confrontation with another man at this gym before attacking him with a solid steel bar that's used for weightlifting, hitting him in the head self times before dropping the bar and taking off. we spoke with a man who said bali's didn't tell anybody anything. he learned it on his own. >> yesterday morning, i didn't know what happened. the trainer, the person who opens up at 5:00, acted like nothing happened. i just learned this late afternoon from my brother. he told me he heard from other customers and people that worked there.
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>> reporter: certainly catching a lot of people off guard. they're back here this morning. we also know that osoko is behind bars at the san mateo county jail for homicide. >> wow. pretty violent there. thanks so much. it's 5:03. a south bay furniture store accused of ripping off customers will hear charges against him today after 11 people in santa clara county reported buying furniture from him and never got their purchases. when they went back to check on it, it was shut down. he's also been charged with selling one piece of furniture and delivering cheaper furniture to their home.
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>> this video shows a man scoping out a neighborhood in san francisco's richmond district, walking up to the porch and then taking a package left on the porch. he took a bottle of wine left by a neighbor. if you know this man, you're asked to call san francisco police. >> lots of cheering while people continue to wait here. the countdown is already over for these people in japan. they were among the first in the world to get their hands on the new iphone 6. thousands have been lining up li waiting for stores to open up in the country. bob redell has been waiting in line. that line is pretty long, bob.
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>> reporter: oh, yeah. we're at the halfway point along university avenue. you go down about ten lit trees, that gives you a sense. this is just the one sex of line. these people got here at 5:00 last night. the people at the very front of the line got here at tuesday around 3:00 in the afternoon. you have people here, this is how serious they are, have their coleman chairs. some have their chairs and the line goes all the way there, down a couple blocks. father, daughter. when did you guys get here? >> 6:30 last night. >> reporter: why wait and lien? why not preorder? >> i did preorder and i have one heading to my doorstep. but my daughter loves to camp. >> reporter: you're getting the
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6? >> yes. >> reporter: what features are you looking for? >> i don't know. whatever cool stuff apple has out next. >> reporter: you guys are just die hard, right? >> yes. >> reporter: what about school? >> i have late start tomorrow. >> reporter: what about work? >> at 6:30 she was here with her mom. i was in dallas working so i jumped on a plane and i replaced her mom. now we get her to school, i get the phone and go back to the office. >> reporter: here are some people. leopard skin blankets. a lot of people taking a nap out here. they've brought their guard dogs just to protect them -- or is that just your pet? there's some people out here. how long you been here, sir? >> 10? >> reporter: 10 last night? >> 9? >> reporter: it looks like you're number 200, i'm guessing?
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>> no, 101. >> reporter: i'm horrible at counting. are you going to get a oftphone? >> i better get a phone. >> reporter: i know you want one but do you think you're going to get one? >> you're ruining my night now. >> reporter: they are talking about limited stock. when they released the 5-s, you were able to get the phone after the line went down. >> the iphone grabbing most of the headlines this morning. samsung's latest phone also opened for owners this morning. the note 4 features a 5.7 inch screen, compared to the 5.5 inch
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screen on the new iphone 6 plus. at&t opened their orders today and sprint and verizon will start next month. it used to be compact was big and now we want to get larger and larger. >> speaking of which, we stream this very program live. check out we're waking up with widespread 60s, whereas we had the 70s yesterday at this time. still balmy out there but your clouds will clear by mid-morning. we'll see pretty much a repeat performance of what we had on thursday. excuse me, on wednesday. thursday was whacky, we had that
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storm system come through. we were dealing with the remnants of odile, which is why it felt so humid out there. now today -- 7 degrees on the peninsula, 75 on the east sho , short, -- east shore. this is the final day of summer so i'm going to do you a service and give you a surf forecast. these numbers are downright pleasant for this weekend. as we get into the next couple of weeks, you'll notice cooler weather so get on out there if you can. monterey, beautiful conditions, upper 70s, mid 70s with half moon bay and bodega bay in the low 70s, upper 60s. if you have to get out that front door, mike can get you to work on time.
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>> we don't have the rain like we did yesterday. a smooth drive across that bay bridge. there's the san francisco side of treasure island. just past the tower top we have some low clouds hovering around. there will be fog in patches. the fog is on the golden gate bridge right now. we're looking offer here at oakland at the coliseum. heading north, look at the map. the biggest slowdown is second heading toward 80. it sounds like the lanes are starting to clear up. we have an event at the oakland coliseum tonight, there's a crash. keep that in mind. but the slowing continues over as you're approaching vasco. this is holding up traffic but not enough to keep the morning commute from heading over in
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livermore. a live look outside, things are moving nicely as we look at the rest of our transet systems. no major delays reported for our transit agencies. we'll send it over to you. >> it is good news for thousands of muni riders. san francisco mayor ed lee will sign a contract for 175 new muni light rail vehicles today. it was approved by the board of supervisors last week to help expand and alleviate maintenance problems on some of the current rail cars. it will cost the city $648 million. >> it might be a little more difficult to find a place to park in parts of the bay area today. fod is national parking day. that means several metered parking spots will be transformed into small public places and parks for a few hours. the goal is to remind cities to
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include green space in their plans. the nationwide event will be celebrated in san francisco, the bay and morgan hill. >> coming up, the changes at oracle and the new iphone 6 that could drive the markets today. plus say hello to alibaba, the record breaking i.p.o. that will bring a hunk boost to the bay area company. no rush, andy. come on.
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. a very good friday morning to you. 5:14. legal experts say it appears former giants slugger barry bonds could soon be cleared of his obstruction of justice conviction. attorneys for both sides went before an 11-judge panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals. many believed judges did appear to be lanning toward overturning bonds' conviction. 11 years ago bonds was found
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guilty of obstruction when he testified in the steroid scandal. >> the palo alto v.a. health care system will are holding a veteran town hall today. the goal is to learn more about the challenges that veterans face while trying to access services at the local v.a. facilities. today's meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. just off of foothill expressway. >> expect to see a lot of action on the markets today, especially when it comes to bay area companies. the apple iphone 6 goes on sale this morning. and there's news at oracle with lar larry ellison announced he'll
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step down as ceo. he will still play a significant role in oracle, serving as extrif chairman. for the rest of our market news, we turn to hampton pierson, live at cnbc's bureau. good morning, hampton. >> the futures are possibly higher over some relief from scotland voting to remain in the u.k. investors cheering news that fewer people filed for unemployment last week, shrugging off a disappointing drop in new home construction last month. the dow rising 109 points, the highest in a month. a lot of folks may never have heard of this company but it is set to become one of the largest i.p.o.s ever.
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alibaba is responsible for 80% for all online sales in in country. it is stopping at the top end of the expected range of nearly $168 billion. that's bigger than the likes of boeing and disney. and alibaba will start trading today on the new york stock exchange. today as far as traders are concerned, it alibaba's world and we are just living in it. >> for me details, hampton mentioned how large it is. it's expected to be the largest ipo in history, bigger than even san francisco's visa, which is on the books right now as the largest ipo in market. definitely bigger than the largest ipo of facebook. yahoo! is ali baba's sext and
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scott mcgrew told us the value of yahoo!'s capital is equal to the amount of the sale for alibaba's stock. >> founder jack mao said he came up with the name alibaba and when he asked a waitress what it meant, she said "open sesame." >> if you go into a crispy cream in full pirate gear and talk like a pirate, the glazed donut is yours. simply talking like a pirate in
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the donut shop will get you a free donut. i can't believe it's that time of year ago. >> arghh you ready for it? are you going to go get a free donut with me after the show? >> yes, i will. >> a little comfort food on a friday morning, it's all right. 62 in livermore. if you are an actual person who gets out there, a mariner, a seaman, you can have a beautiful day out there on the bay, on the ocean. we don't have a lot of wind. as a result it's not choppy out there. it's looking pretty good. we had some really unusual currents over the past couple of day. as of today things are calming down but it's kept or temperatures in the 60s this morning. it's still really mild out there. you don't need a jacket for
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today. you can ditch it by about 11:00 a.m. as we're going to clear out by mid-morning. we're back to our original summertime pattern. we kind of changed it yesterday but we're going to switch it right back to where we were. 78 degrees today along the peninsula. 74 degrees, just a touch above average for san francisco for today. you will notice that building ocean breeze. that's what we're accustomed to, onshore flow in the bay area at this time of year. as the days get shorter, the temperatures will drop off and we're going to really see this next week. on the east shore, a little bit warm. 85 degrees. we're keeping temps out of 90s all weekend long. you can see where we are headed and that is a comfortable beach weekend. mid 80s here in the south bay,
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not too hot with temperatures steadily dropping as we get into next week and start to see our pattern really change. this is what we should see this time of year. so it's really looking promising for our first chance rein. that's going to bringcool a much more organized and substantial system sfarts to impact the. >> more on this coming up. first let's talk to mike about your drive. >> not the rain like we saw yesterday in many spots of the day but we do have the moisture in the area. you can't see the south tourer from the golden gate bridge. but it's still all right for
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southbound picking up your typical friday commute. san ma tay owe bridge, you can see the no release. they come out of life on and down toward mission just behind me in towards san jose. an easy drive into the south bay, silicon valley. we are picking up traffic just a little bit. this is a standard build and standard pattern so nothing unusual either. you . >> thanks so much, nic. 5:2. two firefighters and a third person were hurt when a warehouse caught fire overnight in philadelphia. the fire spread quickly to neighboring buildings. two firefighters were treated for minor injuries.
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a third person was taken to the hospital with major injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> a dog that was run over during a high-speed chase in southern california is recovering this morning. lock at that little face. he was hit by a white van during a pursuit. a rim from the fleeing advance sliced his leg. veterinarians were worried they'd have to amputate its leg but they were able to repair it during surgery. >> police used pit maneuvers and spike strips before they were finally able to get that van to stop. police had gotten reports the van might be stolen. >> coming up, not all rivals can be booed.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everyone. and a very good morning to you. taking a live look outside san francisco. that's mccovey cove. giants on the road today down in san diego. we'll keep them close to our hearts. when it comes to being sports fans, a seattle couple may have set a new standard. take a look. you might not like the colors but you can't help but admit pretty cute. rob and darlene expected their golden retriever to have a big litter, but they didn't expect 11 puppies. 11 plus mom equals 12. the seahawks refer to their famously loud crowd as the 12th fan. the couple got the dogs all dolled up and have been getting attention ever since. >> pete is the leader and we have 11 that follow.
5:27 am
>> the mama there, pete, probably named after head coach pete carroll. so far only 4 of the 11 have homes. adorable those puppies. a little puppy breath, too. >> bay area for the man accused of starting that fire knee pnea pollock pines. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now, save $400 on our most popular mattress. know better sleep with sleep number. . the king fire continues to threaten hundreds of homes in the sierra nevada. now the man accused of starting the fire prepares for his first appearance in court. >> plus those in line for the iphone 6 this morning. what they want you to be aware of as you pick up the latest and greatest from apple. >> and we're going to see average weather today, which
5:30 am
means a bay area stunner in the forecast this friday. warmer for the weekend and then showers in your forecast by mid week. we're talking rain and weekend events in your microclimate forecast this morning. >> and we'll talk about this pattern, i'll show you the toll plaza and we'll talk about an unpleasant awakening for someone in the south bay with a crash this morning as well. >> yeah, you made it to friday morning, september 19th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. 12,000 homes are still at risk of burning down as the king fire continues to grow. in fact, the state estimates it's spending $5 million a day just to fight the fire. more than 73,000 acre have
5:31 am
burned as thousands of residents in a the air -- >> allen huntsman is suspected of starting the fire. yesterday his sister told us she doesn't believe he set the fire. >> i'm devastated, in shock. i can't believe that he would ever have anything to do with something like that or that he would do anything intentionally like that. to me who would be helping people and doing what he can to be of assistance. >> crews battle another destructive california fire near the oregon border continue to make progress. that fire destroyed more than 150 homes and businesses in the
5:32 am
town of weed. evacuation orders are still in effect for runs of residents. the fair is now 85% contained. >> a south san francisco man is in jail today after apparently meeting a man to death with a bar bell in the middle of a jim. stephanie chuang is outside the jim with more on exactly what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. you see at least a couple dozen people working out. no sign of the violent crimes that happened here at valley's total fitness. police arrested 36 dwreer-year- kenneth oksoko yesterday.
5:33 am
he hit the man over and over again in the head before dropping the steel bar and taking off. money the victim died at gym goers this morning. some were just finding out as we told them. >> that's kind of unnerving. i didn't know anything about it. this is the first i've heard but, i mean, i'll continue to come to the gym. i'm sorry to hear what happened to that man and i feel bad for the family. >> we still don't know the identity of that victim. we do know the suspect, osako, is behind bars at san mateo county jail, booked for murder. i tried to seek comment here this morning at bali's total if theness and no comment so far. >> i can't imagine that scene.
5:34 am
now to the latest on the south napa earthquake. officials will submit final data to fema today in hopes of getting aid money. there is already money on the way but that money can only be used by the state. fema will determine whether or not to authorize more aid to help individual homeowners. >> apparently state employees have been the issues of -- an employee who totalled his car used a city credit card to rent a car for two weeks.
5:35 am
another staffer treated another employees to denner using his credit card for more than $700. >> at the apple store in san francisco, up and down, some of those fanatics actually waiting for days. sounds like people are waking up for you now. >> reporter: they are. apple is starting to process the line. at 8 chalk, we're go remove. >> this guy right here is the first one in line. he is talking with the apple purn right now. you're with him.
5:36 am
how long you guys ben here sp. >> i got here yesterday morning. >> tuesday at 1:00 p.m. >> reporter: why do you want the iphone so badly that you're willing to spend time out here? >> all the good qualities they're talking about, the cameras, the screen. everything. >> reporter: what are you missing by standing in line for 4 hours? what about work, family? has anyone prevented you missing yet if. >> i'm off work, i'm off skol. we don't start until next wednesday so this was >> duane: and you're number three in line. how much money you going to drop? >> a little over a grand. i'm actually getting two phones so let's say two grand. go big or dp home. >> mike: or go broke. >> no, that ain't going to happen too fast. >> reporter: if you go down the
5:37 am
line, there's got to be a few hundred people. >> when did you get here? >> since tuesday. >> he's number three in line but he bought that let's compare it to some of the apple releases, this is one of the longer, if not longest lines. it goes all the way down here and takes a left and then a couple of more city blocks. not sure if there's enough inventory to guarantee the iphone 6 or 6 plus. how many hours will it have been? >> 17 hours. >> reporter: will it be worth it? >> the experience was for sure. >> reporter: what about the fact you're not going to get an
5:38 am
iphone? >> i'd be dispointed then. >> i hope he gets it. otherwise it will be "i came, i waited, i'm mad! >> they believe the company should do more to share its profits with employees. the demonstrations were organized by the united service workers. >> okay, here we are. not only friday but the last weekend of summer. we better savor it, christina. >> yeah. it's going to be right which means if you want to get out there and hit the beach, can you do so comfortably this weekend. it was pretty mild for everyone standing out in line. you saw a lot of short sleeve shirts.
5:39 am
we're going to get to the coolest part of the day, right around sunrise. and we'll have plenty of clouds, clear by about mid-morning. . we're talking about mostly clear conditions just about everywhere. san francisco, you're up to 74 degree bus less humidity, as we head throughout your day. 84 for the south bay, the peninsula at 78 degrees and a good looking out in the valleys. a lot of stuff talking about the bay area, there as a save the bay clean-up. >> we'll take you up to the north bay and tell you about the mill valley art festival there. temple ps in the mid 70s for this weekend. we have the forecast for those events coming up. >> you can't, though.
5:40 am
is it friday light? >> so far, yes. prks so i'm going to hold off on the reservation, only on this spot. there are none closed. it's a good version of traffic that just happened. oakland, the road crews have cleared. looking at the greater bay area, a smooth drive into south bay. someone fell asleep at the wheel. but that's a rude awrak. >> thank you retch the. >> coming up, we're live with more on the new nation that joined the fight overnight. plus the virus that's already sent hundreds of children to the
5:41 am
midwest in the hospital has now shown up in california. what officials say you need to know next.
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lawmakers in washington are developing a plan to fight isis. how soon, tracie potts, before the president signs it? >> the president has given approval to go ahead with the
5:44 am
plan. now we're also watching what's going to happen with this coalition that the united states is trying to build. 40 countries have pledged support for this campaign. the air strikes that began with france today, they say expect more in the coming days temperature today second is going to be chairing a u.n. scour. the thinking being that the new government in iraq, you. >> at 5:44, several ships are gearing up to resume the search for missing malaysia flight 370. officials have been analyzing data from the plane since it disappeared in march trying to determine where crashed. the plane may have gone into the
5:45 am
water south of what was rd the information pry. the first cases of entero virus d-6 have now been reported in california. concern has led to crowded waiting rooms for doctors across the state. california is now the 19th state to see cases of the respiratory virus, all of them children. >> doctors say children were asthma are more affected by the virus. there are symptoms could watch out for. >> if they're having difficulty breathi
5:46 am
breathing, they're in distress or using the muscles between their ribs, you should take them to the hospital. >> and wipe down frequently used surfaces like tables and door knobs. >> the search continues for a texas sheriff deputy whose patrol car was found swamped by floodwater. remnants of hurricane odile has caused flash floods. the deputy was making sure no one was trapped in low water crossings when her own car got stuck. she radioed for help but when rescuers actually arrived minutes later, she was nowhere to be found. officials had to halt the search because of the weather. >> and now mexico is dealing with the next hurricane. at least one person died when hurricane polo hit. the storm brought hify wind and rain to the pacific coast last
5:47 am
night. the storm is heading toward los cab knows wp. >> ground saturated. >> a one-2 punch. we saw all that flooding with the aftermath of odile in southwest california, also arizona as we head throughout next week, we're counting on more of that with the remnants of now pole oaf heading the same direction. that's what they see a little bit about subtropical ous tur really going to focus in on for this specific weather report is our rain chances. our pattern looks to be changing significantly as we get into the next couple of weeks. right now looking very promising
5:48 am
for active weather headed our way. eel but first, friday feeling like summertime today. the final friday of the season. it. i wanted to show you how much more moisture is situated over the bay area. can you definitely feel it it. we're going to clear that out as onshore flow intensifies as we get into the afternoon. 4 in san francisco today, 75 for the east shore, 78 on the peninsula and right here at 84 degrees, that is not a bad day. here's where we're headed as we get into your all-important final weekend of the summertime. saturday and sunday temperatures climbing for the weekend.
5:49 am
>> we're going to see plenty of 70s. just the upper 60s elsewhere at bodega bay. i always like to give you an update on what your ocean currents are doing. we still have that warm now, as we get into the next couple of weeks looking forward into the future, we stop the clock for you on your future cast, monday at 10 a.m. looks like a dud, will probably bring in drizzle. but then shaping up for wednesday, an organized system packing pretty good moisture. this could bring m potentially a half of inch of rain to the north bay. the bulk of the rain will hit
5:50 am
the pacific northwest. we're going to keep tabs on this for you. first, we want to check your drive, see how that's shaping up with mike. we've got more weekend events and you're doing a couple, right? >> tonight i'm helping raise money with a good fang. >> over here, an unusually heavy backup here. looks like they turned the metering lights a little early on. but the fast trick lane wasn't a problem, it was the cash lane. the fog across the golden gate is easing a bit. that may be closer to the san francisco side of the bay bridge. the lig . it's really not affecting the
5:51 am
bridge spell, lock. we also have over here this is not a giants game event but it's okay tober fest. 48 all weekend will be crowded with the crews heading over there as well. the rest of your bay, a smooth start to san mateo. there's the debris, north 880 at the alameda. still not reporting clear. i don't see any problems there. over here is the live. >> and some call dealings with pg&e and the public utility commission illegal.
5:52 am
there will be a press conference at 10:00 to ask the state's top cop to look into e-mails that they say indicate potential criminal collusion between regulators and the utility. the e-mails are addressing issues with schools in san bruno. people in the community and officials say the armored truck made them feel uncomfortable. still ahead, the i.p.o. that could set wall street records today.
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we take a look at the approach to the bay bridge this morning. we'll check that morning commute with mike and also the forecast with christina. it's a big day for text on the new york stock exchange. tech i.p.o. alibaba goes public today. it's expected to be larger than facebook. it's described as a combination of paypal, amazon and ebay only much bigger. it gives the company an initial val valuation of $162 billion. yahoo! is a top investor and is
5:56 am
expected to make billions from today's i.p.o. scottish voters have rejected a bid for independence. supporters of the no campaign cheered as the decision became official overnight. scottish voters turned out in record numbers to weigh in on the independence referendum. in the end, the majority decided they are not in favor of ending scotland's 307-year union with england. those pushing for independence say this won't be the last time they'll bring the issue to voters. >> futures are higher this morning. investors showing some relief about how that scottish independence vote turned out. the dow s&p ended at record highs. >> investigators now say home depot's data breach could be the largest in history. some 650 million cards were likely compromised. home depot says hackers used
5:57 am
unique, custom-built software that's never been seen before. the virus has been removed and those affected will be given free credit monitoring for a year. it is 5:56 right now. the new details that some legal experts say could add a twist to the ray mcdonald domestic violence kacase. and the troubling news of the april rest of an nfl player for assaulting an 18-month-old child.
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ right now at 6:00, a brutal beating at a bay area gym. plus the list of questionable expenses made by some san jose
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city employees. >> and we're just hours away from the opening of apple's stores. hundreds waiting to get their hands on the iphone 6. >> good thing it's not too cold. we are in store for a bay stunner today. more showers in the forecast as we head through next week. lots to go over in your microclimate forecast, which is moments away. >> were you expecting friday light? no, friday lights. we have a backup in the bay area. i'll tell you why i think this happened. >> let's take a live look outside at the south bay this morning. it's the last weekend of summer. time to enjoy. you made it to september 19th, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm


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